Lifted & Gifted 420 - See What Happened

Lifted & Gifted 420 is a 3 course dinner + cannabis tasting where guests are guided in the consumption and appreciation of the herb.

3 courses of high-end top shelf cannabis was served and gifted throughout the night, accompanied by a chef-made 3 course dinner created to complement the plant. Our cannabis connoisseur explained the qualities of each strain to provide guests with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the plant's effects. Guests can lounge and dance after the tasting as DJ Professor Moses & Hyim will curate and play live music throughout the night, along with live performances. A tea bar serving freshly brewed teas will also be provided. Don't forget to check out the discovery stations to try new and favorite brands and products such as dabs, extracts, concentrates, edibles, and flower.

enrico moses